Silver Refining Services

Canadian Silver Refiners processes and refines a wide variety of silver and precious metal bearing materials. Silver is refined to a purity of 99.9% which is subsequently used in alloys or the production of silver bars.

Recovered metal is returned to the customer in bars, alloys or is purchased outright by CSR.

Photographic Materials

CSR refines electrolytic silver flake, recovered from used fixer solutions. CSR also processes scrap film and paper from photographic and radiographic industries. Larger quantities are custom processed on a fee or toll basis while smaller quantities are purchased outright.

CSR manufactures a line of patented metallic replacement cartridges, under license, for on site recovery of silver from used fixer. CSR refines these cartridges, in addition to any other metallic replacement cartridges or cores.

Metallic Scrap

CSR refines a variety of silver bearing materials such as electrical contacts, silver batteries, silver bearings, brazing alloys and sterling silver items.

Low Grade Materials

CSR custom processes quantities of low grade silver or precious metal bearing materials. These include liquid waste, electronic materials (printed circuit boards), slags and mining concentrates. CSR does not handle plated tableware.